I have a blog??

So, I realized today that it has been a month since I have blogged.

How could I be so selfish to my faithful followers!!??!
(you might ask in dreadful horror and astonishment).

Well, easy.

I have been SO busy that I didn't even remember that I had a blog!

No, but seriously.

In the last month, I have ....

#1. packed up my hubby & our old house

#2. moved into a new house

#3. gone to almost every training known to man at the ACS

#4. realized that I took a job working 6 Relays, a Cattle Baron's Ball, and a Wine & Cheese. Is that enough? I mean, won't I get bored with so much free time?! ;)

#5. packed my new house full of delicious groceries to please the tummy of my husband

#6. been out of the state for a week

#7. completely redecorated our home

#8. found a new cd I like AND a new movie (now that's almost impossible!)

#9. had visitors and have more on the way

#10. took pictures of our house only to find out that my camera's battery is dead and lo & behold, I have to think of something clever, yet somewhat redundant to blog about in the mean time.

So you see, it is not my fault for the long silence. It was merely life stepping in the way.

Stay tuned for pictures of our beautiful new house, more posts on my soapbox and as always, something meaningful to think about.


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