Wash Away

Have you ever thought about the fact that the God who made you, can keep remaking you?
What a beautiful realization.

Rather than time dulling the edges of our lives, I think that it sharpens them. I would bet that most of you reading this right now are very different from the person you were, twenty, ten, even five years ago. One of the most wonderful blessings of being a Christian is the fact that you are able to take all of the negative experiences in your life, all of the ugly characteristics that you are ashamed of, all of the addictions that you so badly want to break,

and it all will wash away.

In a world where we are lead to believe that there are "no second chances", I have been given more than my share. What a kind and merciful God we serve. I hope that today, no matter what kind of obstacles you face, you can remember this hope. That God created you and he can recreate you as long as you let Him.

So take that heavy load off of your shoulders. Set your burdens on the edge of the shore.

...And be made new again.

"Create in me a pure heart, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
- Psalm 51:10

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  1. You are very insightful. I'm so thankful to serve a God of new beginnings who is making and re-making me day by day...


  2. Well, I've got to give your hubby credit on this one. He mentioned in a sermon last Sunday about asking God to keep remaking us and it stuck in my head! But isn't it a wonderful thought?? We love you guys and have already learned so much from the both of you.


  3. Hey pretty T! I love your passion for your God. It's so lovely to see and to read about.

    It's so interesting to me that the very things you find comforting are the same things that I found suffocating. I remember in the sorority and in church when they would tell us that God was constantly changing us, making us new. I would always feel like I was drowning; I never liked who I was anyway, so I felt like I had to become new for God to like me. It's the reason I participated in so many altar calls; I never felt new enough, so I grabbed at every opportunity to become new.

    I've since learned that in order for me to accept a belief in God, I had to be okay with myself first.

    And now I can breathe.

    I love you and I hope you guys are well.


  4. Welcome Back!! ;)

    I've missed your comments. It IS interesting that we have completely different views on this (but then again, don't we always?? lol).

    I think that life would be terribly boring if I was always the same person. Change is a beautfiul thing. To me, it means growing and learning. It is a hope of dying to an old self that I can always improve. When I feel like I can't improve anymore, then I'll be worried. I'm sorry that your sorority or church made you feel like you had to become new for God to like you... because becoming new is just a bonus, He already loves you.


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