I open my lungs...

...to breathe in forgiveness & love.

Tomorrow will be an emotional day for me.

At 8:30am Adam will be taken to surgery and I will be in the waiting room with so much support, and so many people that love us.

Because of all of the amazing people that I have in my life, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about them. From the very moment that we announced that Adam had a mass in his neck and would have to have surgery, we have had nothing but constant love shown to us.
Love that I truly can not describe.

We have been given a drawing from a 6 and a 3 year old, and a note from them that said - "get better Adam". Those kinds of things are irreplaceable. It went on our refrigerator immediately.

We have been given a homemade book of encouragement with Bible verses, poems, and pictures from a sweet lady from our church congregation. On the front is a picture of sheep and the title says- "Ewe" are Loved.

I have had a friend that I haven't seen in years, offer to get me a massage because she knew how much stress I have been under lately. It really gives me hope that people who are considerate and kind are still out there. They are my friends. I really am blessed.

We have had more cards, phone calls, facebook messages, and texts than I ever expected. We have people praying for us across the state.

We have a preacher that took the time to read scripture with us, and pray with us, and even got emotional doing so. We were so moved with the fact that he has such a loving heart that cares so much for us and our well being. And his wife is coming to wait with me in the hospital tomorrow. She has been so uplifting and comforting through all of this. We love them both so much.

And we have tons of people, and I mean tons that plan on being at the hospital for Adam tomorrow. My parents, Aunt, and brother all took off of work to make sure that they get there before Adam goes in for surgery so that they can give him a hug and some words of encouragement to help him relax. We have friends from our congregation coming, friends of mine from work want to bring me lunch, friends from Athens that we haven't seen in a while and so many more people that told us that they wish they could be there, but just could not get away.

Everyone who has taken the time to call Adam just to say - "Hey, you are in my prayers, and I love you." Everyone who has written on his facebook and everyone who has written on my blog.

You ALL mean the world to us.

As time goes on and our memories fade, we will forget the presents that we were given on Holidays, the scores of games that we played, the funny things that the pets did that made us laugh, but we will never ever forget the love that was shown to us in times of need.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.

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  1. Hey Theresa, we are praying for you both tonight, for peace and healing

  2. Hey there, I hope the surgery went well. I'm new to your blog and this post just touched my heart.

  3. How is adam now? and how r u doing?:)

  4. He is doing wonderful! CANCER FREE! Thanks for asking. :)


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