40 Best Song Lyrics of All Time

I have been working on this list for a long time....
MY Top 40 Favorite Song Lyrics :

40. "If you'll wait for me then I'll come for you
Although I've traveled far
I'll always hold a place for you in my heart"
- The Promise , Tracy Chapman

"Through the darkness
I can see your light
And you will always shine
And I can feel your heart in mine."
- Josh Groban

38. "Here's to the man of your dreams"
- The Fray, Oceans Away

"And I wonder where these dreams go
When the world gets in your way
What's the point in all this screaming?
No one's listening anyway"
- Acoustic #3, Goo Goo Dolls

36. "There’s a suitcase where your bag is sewed up from the past
And it haunts you like the ghost that’s shackled to your back
And I don’t know how to help you stomach all the grief
That I see in his reflection showing on your face "
- William Fitzsimmons, Never Let you Go

35. "
See I thought love was black and white
That it was wrong or it was right
But you ain't leaving without a fight
And I think I am just as torn inside"
- Where I stood, Missy Higgins

34. "Touch your lips just so I know
In your eyes, love, it glows so
I'm bare boned and crazy for you"
- Crash , Dave Matthews

33. "Feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can't look in her eyes
She's out of my league
Just a fool to believe
I am anything she needs
She's like the wind "
- She's Like the Wind, Patrick Swayze

32. "I miss the years that were erased
I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face
I miss all the little things I never thought that they’d mean everything to me"
- Lifehouse, So far away

"My heart is yours to fill or burst,
to break or bury,
or wear as jewelery,
which ever you prefer."
- Dashboard Confessional , Hands Down

"You may feel alone when you're falling asleep
And every time tears roll down your cheeks
But I know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet
Someday you will be loved."
- Death Cab For Cutie, Someday you will be loved

29. "I don't want to wait until tomorrow
To tell you how I'll feel the rest of my life
You don't want a waste another minute when you realize
Walking on the dark side of the evening
Maybe it was you, that opened my eyes"
- City of Black and White, Matt Kearney

"She laughs at my dreams, But I dream about her laughter."
- The click 5, just the girl

"Tears of hope run down my skin.
Tears for you that will not dry. "
- Josh Groban, Remember when it rained

"I stumbled through visions, revealed my condition
As thoroughly taken with you
Your blue eyes shot through me, I changed irrevocably
The days of tom-catting were through
Fifteen years old, what did I know?
I've never been one for a fight
I needed you then and every day since like a flower is needing sunlight."
- Stephen Kellog & the 6ers, Girlfriend as Pretty

"I can hear her say I love you like it was yesterday
And I can see it written on her face that she had never felt this way
One day I thought I'd see her with her daddy by her side
And violins would play here comes the bride. "
- Rascal Flatts, Here Comes Goodbye

24. "That's enough for now, I would've never left you broken
I would've held you, things your father never could do
Words your father never told you-"
Enough for now "the fray"

"Tonight the sunset means so much
The one thing that you know you'll never touch."
- Daughtry , Learn my Lesson

"'do they collide?'
I ask and you smile.
With my feet on the dash
The world doesn't matter."
- Death Cab For Cutie, Passenger Seat

21. "Holding you I held everything
For a moment wasn't I the king
But if I'd only known how the king would fall
Hey who's to say you know I might have changed it all
And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd of had to miss the dance. "
- Garth Brooks, The Dance

20. "Britney I'm sorry for this cruel, cruel world
We sell the beauty but destroy the girl
I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
But I can see it coming back for you."
- Britney, Bebo Norman

19. "But when she gave you more to find
You let her think she'd lost her mind
And that's all on you
Feeling helpless if she asked for help
Or scared you'd have to change yourself. "
- Dar Williams, Beauty of the Rain

"Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize,
Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason."
- 2am Anna Nalick

"I came to see the light in my best friend
You seemed as happy as you'd ever been
My chance of being open was broken
And now you're Mrs. him."
- Congratulations - Blue october

16. "And in between the moon and you the angels get a better view"
- Counting Crows, Round here

15. "And you held us in your city lights
When our eyes had lost the stars.."
-Peter bradley adams - Los angeles

"Waiting by the closet down the hall
I can see her shadow on the wall
All of this for a bum like me
Beauty only for my eyes to see."
- Blessid Union of Souls, When She Comes

13. "But your favorite find is just my secondhand secret
Try and hide a little pain for the things
I can't explain to you
These are your good friends and I like them fine
These are your old streets and you know them well
This is not my town and it will never be
And it will never be..... ours."
- Kathleen Edwards , Copied Keys

12. "You said everybody's born with a beautiful heart
Well, what was wrong with hers and
Why did you leave it?
Yeah I'm just like my mother
And if you don't love her
What does that mean about me?"
- If I start to Cry : Edie Carey

11. "I believe that when they put her in the ground
I think they buried part of me."
-Bebo Norman, All that I have Sown
10. "Story books are full of fairy tales
Of kings and queens and the bluest skies
My heart is torn just in knowing
You'll someday see the truth from lies ."
- Plumb In my Arms

9. "All my life
I've welcomed pain
I've made up more excuses
To bring it back again
Now I'm here
And I'll drink to the shame
I'll drink to the madness
That made me this way."
- Casey Chambers, A million tears

8. "I used to think that I was special
And only I have proved me wrong."
- Kendell Payne , Scratch

7. "But I still dream of tomorrow
Where the past will not be in my way
Passion lives another day
Yes, I still dream of tomorrow
Where perhaps she'll wait for me ... "
- Bebo Norman Perhaps She'll Wait

"I saw our future in her eyes
We searched for love amidst the lies
I didn't mean to draw her in
To a fight we'll never win
And I sigh as...
She becomes like jelly in my hands
- Blessid Union of Souls, Jelly

5." Caught a bolt 'a lightning...cursed the day he let it go..."
Nothing man, Pearl Jam

4. "I want to know where the strength of a person lies,
in their past or their future.
Is it in the way that they hurt or they love themselves
or is it all an illusion?
I want to crawl from this skin that i'm painted in...
Body, please let it give.
I want to find the creator of all good things
and ask what it means to live . "
- Brendan James. All I can see

3. "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life,
I know you'll be a sun, in somebody else's sky, but why
Why, why ....can't it be mine? "
- Black, Pearl Jam

2. "I saw the whole world from your eyes, at least the glimpse you let me see
And what a glimpse you let me see
But your eyes can never stretch, over boundaries made in stone
and I’m afraid that’s what will be."
William Fitzsimmons - my life changed

1. "And if loving her is
heartache for me
And if holding her means
I have to bleed
Then I am the martyr
Love is to blame
She is the healing
And I am the pain
. "
- She is the sunlight , Trading Yesterday

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