I'll take a turkey sandwhich. Add tomatoes. MINUS THE DRAMA.

What a week.

How does that old saying go? Tension was so sharp you could cut it with a ...uh... or a knife was so sharp our tension was cu ... or ... something. You know what I mean.

Drama seems to be everywhere I look these days. But it is incredibly disheartening for me to see. In places where I truly like every individual personality there, it seems like they can't get along to save their life. And I feel as though I am often in the middle of it all.

My body feels things to the extreme. I don't know how to explain it. When it is barely cool in the room, I am wrapped in a sweatshirt and still have goosebumps. When it is barely over my comfort of warmth, I am sweating like a dog. And when there is tension in the air, I feel that too. My shoulders and neck tense up. My jaws stay clenched. My head starts to hurt.

What is our problem? Why does this drama exist?

Well.. most of the time, the answer is being inconsiderate. It can be that simple and that complicated all at the same time. Come on, we are all guilty of having the "watch out for number one" complex at one time or another. We don't stop and put ourselves into someone else's shoes enough to see how they would feel about certain things, give them the benefit of the doubt, or just treat others as we would want to be treated. And most of the time we aren't even consciously being inconsiderate. In fact, we might not even mean to be at all.

But it is like one of those toys at the store that has the button on the foot to make it sing, you know? And you just want to hear it sing for just a second. Just a little second. Just long enough to hear what song it will be. So you push it. And it starts. LOUD. And everyone is staring at you. And you keep pushing that stupid button to stop it, but it doesn't stop it. You just have to wait it out. Yeah it's like that. It is one of those things that once it all gets started, you want to take it all back. But it already tangles so many people up in the web with you, you can't fix it immediately without a blow up. You just have to wait it out.

It makes people in the middle uncomfortable. It hurts anyone in the situation. It repels anyone else who might want to try to get to know you. Drama is never a good thing.

Trust me, I know. I spent quite a few years of my life as an expert in the subject.

So here is my advice. {Take it or leave it, what do I know?} Go directly to the person that you have the problem with. Tell them WHY you feel this way. It is ok to be honest with them. Just say that you FEEL this way. It doesn't make it a fact. Just a feeling. Let them tell you how they feel about it. And then realize that nobody did anything to INTENTIONALLY hurt anyone. Come on, we aren't barbarians!
And hug and make up.

O.k. ... so maybe not the hug part. But shake hands or something, seriously.
And then we can all live happily ever after.

And I can unclench my jaw.
That would be great.

*On a brighter note*

Confessions of a twenty something drama queen. (Minus the drama):

1. I'd love to raid Stacey London's closet. Man, how does she find such cute dresses that are always that modest?? They don't sell those here in Texas.

2. I'm one of those people. I am always in the lane that is going the fastest. Even if that means switching lanes every two minutes. You hate me, I know.

3. I'm in my late twenties and yet still enjoy watching the show Wizards of Waverly Place. It makes me laugh! What can I say? Yes, it is corny.. but come on people, you are talking to a woman from the Saved by the Bell and Full House generation. Corny is my middle name.

4. I always tell the lady at subway to put lots of light mayonnaise on my turkey sandwich. I mean LOTS. I somehow convince my conscience that it balances out the amount by using the low fat. Wait. Can you convince your conscience of something? Or is it your conscience that convinces you in the first place?
Oh I digress.

Either way, with all of that mayo it is a dripping dose of deliciousness.

and then I add tomatoes.

And ... well, you know the rest.

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  1. What's that? A hat? Crazy funky junky hat?

    Overslept? Hair unsightly? Trying to look like Keira Knightley? That's all right, we've done that, we see right through your funky hat!

    (I would punch a puppy if it meant I could have Selena Gomez's hair. I feel horrible saying that but it's true).

    I could also comment on the meat of your post but I really just agree with you. Things don't have to be so hard. It's okay to have a conversation about hurt feelings. Work it out with words, together. Don't go talk to a billion other people about it.

    And PS? We have cute, modest dresses ALL OVER THE PLACE in Seattle.

    Come visit and I will show you!

  2. i feel the exact same way! all my friends seem to be in dramataic tiffs and i'm going crazy in it all. Sometimes my New York attitude comes out in it all, but thanks to wise words from the Lord and you, I'll hopefully keep myself under control! ;]

    have a great day Theresa!!


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