Here's A Recap

In case you were unable to tune in to our most recent episode ... Here is what you've missed.

I married Adam on March 1st, 2008. He's the greatest. I'm not really in my usual emo-mooshy-ultra sensitive mood right now so I'll leave it at this. He makes me laugh. I have now started calling ridiculous sayings "Adam-isms" because every day something new and crazy comes from his mouth.

Example: Yesterday - " You know, this 'A-1 Trash' Business .... they are garbage."

Since the marriage, life has been more than chaotic.

Upon returning from our honeymoon, we were surprised by an army of mice that decided to set up camp in every inch of our home. Not only do we get poop presents in the mornings when we wake up, we get them in the most awkward places ... like the top of door knobs. I'm pretty much convinced they can fly. We have lost a lot of sleep in the past three months freaking each other out. At night, Adam will touch my foot with his, and I will jump up ... which causes him to jump up, because we both think it is a mouse. We have tried snap traps, snap traps with cheese, snap traps with peanut butter, snap traps with bread, glue traps, ultrasound ( i know, i know,) and poison of every shape and color. Luckily, we have gotten a cold blooded killer ( a cat named Chloe ... she's a sweetheart) and haven't seen a mouse in a while. One stressful thing down, 12 to go.

So... somewhere between getting back to the real world and *magical honeymoon land* I have gotten Mono.

Yes, you apparently CAN get mono after you are in the 3rd grade. Imagine that.

One of my co-workers had it and I had to use the same phone as her.. resulting in ... Vwala! Ultimate pain and anguish. I want to die, my body hurts so bad. Adam has been a good little husband and taken care of me, but even with the Mono fading away, the stress of my job is getting to my health just as much. I love what I do and I want to continue in it ... but focus more on children. Adam definitely wants something else to do ... so lately we are looking for work in all the wrong places. We are ready to spread our pretty little wings and fly ... to another town. Somewhere that can be OUR HOME, together. I am looking forward to it.

So with all of that said and done ... with all of the stress, and mono, and invincible mice ...

our current status : HAPPY. ;)

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