Project Virtue

So on Friday morning I finally decided to create a Project Virtue myspace page. It is created especially for girls and young women that are struggling with life's trials and are selling themselves short by finding their value in the way they look and not in who they are. I wasn't really sure how good it would go, and how many people would even check out the page, but slowly I started sending friend requests to women 18-35 with "questionable" (or inappropriate) profile pictures. All I could do was pray and hope that I didn't offend anyone with my requests. I only told them please check out the project; that it was made for women just like them.

Today I signed on my page, and was completely overwhelmed with joy. In just 2 days, Project Virtue has 272 profile views, and 184 friends and growing.
Here are some of the comments and messages that were written to me by girls all over the United States:

"I think it is great what you are doing!!! Thanks"

"I wish there were more girls out there like you. Keep up what you are doing."

"thanks for the add and its awesome what you believe in you are amazing and you have a kind heart from what i got from reading your info thanks."

"this project is amazing! it's exactly what i needed."

"thanks for the request...i love what you stand for..keep up the good work!!! "

"Wow, i love your page. and what you stand for. Thank you for finding me."

"I think this is great for ALL women."

"what your doing is really amazing, and I'm glad your doing what you are. God has blessed you with a talent to really speak to people, not just to them verbally, but to their hearts."

"Thank you so much for starting Project Virtue. Something like this is such a HUGE peice of my heart. I am a girl who's past consists of Anorexia, depression, suicidal tendencies and an emotionally abusive relationship...Project Virtue is a beautiful thing. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, and I will try my best... and I will definitely keep this in prayer."

What else can I say? My dreams of helping women and healing their hearts is coming true right before my very eyes! GOD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I just wanted to share this with all of my friends and family. :)

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