She will Be A Great Mother

This is Crystal. She is my best friend.

We recently got the news that her and her husband, Dalton, are expecting a baby!! I couldn't be more excited for the two of them. Not only because I will have a little "nephew" now, :) ... but because I know with all of my heart, that she will make an incredible mother. So this blog is dedicated to Crystal, and here are my top 20 reasons why she will be an AWESOME MOM:

1. She will raise her children up in the Lord
2. She has such a giving heart
3. She makes a mean chicken enchilada
4. Her laughter will brighten their life
5. She can tell them stories about Uncle Lance, and how great he was
6. She will be able to teach them to paint
7. She will protect them in every way she can
8. If she has daughters... trying on dresses in the dressing rooms will be A BLAST! :)
9. The only Dr. the kids will ever need will be Dr. Pepper.
10. She can teach them to sing like her
11. With a mom like her, they will be huggers!
12. She is already great with Braylen
13. She can teach them about music from "the old school"
14. "Because I said so" will sound fierce coming from her mouth
15. Who wouldn't want a mom that works for a dermatologist!?!
16. She will teach them what is important in life .. because she knows
17. She will take them to Chick-fil-a all the time! Woo hoo!
18. Between her and Dalton, they will be little Einsteins.
19. She will love them unconditionally.
20. She won't get mad when Aunt Theresa always wants to come over and play with them. ;)

Congratulations Crystal and Dalton! ... And little baby Vann, we will see you in December.


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