...and we danced.

I love to dance. My mother must have danced around the house when she was pregnant with me, is all I can assume. Growing up, I danced every chance I could get.

It was a rush for me. To hear the music and know that I could control my entire body to move to every note. It was an art. After high school, I went off to college to be on a dance team and to study to be a choreographer. I went to McLennan Community College. They have one of the best dance teams in the country. After realizing that I needed ballet classes before I could make the team, I sort of got heavy hearted. "Ballet classes?", I thought. I don't want to swirl around in a tutu for crying out loud, I want to bust a move! The first two years of college, I still went out to the places with my friends and danced until they kicked us out of there. It was what I lived to do.

In April of 2004, I gave my life to Christ. I put away the old woman, and welcomed the new. I no longer felt comfortable going to those same places and dancing around for everyone to watch my body sway to the music. That wasn't the kind of attention I wanted anymore.

And since I became a Christian, and married a Christian, we decided that at our wedding we would not have a first dance in case we would offend anyone. We did not want a reason for anyone to think bad of us, so we just cut it out all together. The disappointment I felt when I didn't dance at my wedding was always covered with someone telling me, "oh,... but wait until you are married and can dance alone in your house, it will be wonderful."

Yeah... sure. Like we are ever going to dance alone in our house.

Let me just say, I would give back all of the years of dancing that I did ... a million times over ... to dance in the kitchen with my husband. It is more than worth it.

On Tuesday night, after an awesome date night, I lit some candles in the kitchen while the rest of the house was dark, turned on the Dave Barnes song - "On a night like this", and slow danced with my husband for the first time since we've been married. He completely took my breath away. I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked right up into his eyes. All of the moments that I have danced in my life came back into my memory at that moment. Every bead of sweat, every loud song, every move. And none of that happiness even compared to what I felt when I was dancing there with Adam. At that moment it was as if I felt God smirking at me, He let the perfect man cut in.

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  1. Becca DavisOctober 07, 2008

    Gee, you inspire me to be a better person! I love you and miss you very much. It warms my heart to know that you are happy and finally have gotten everything that you deserve, I'm very proud of you!!


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