Artist Of Compassion

I stand here silent and amazed
At all that You must be,
To paint such a perfect picture
For our unworthy eyes to see.

And I plan to one day ask You
When I'm finally by Your side,
How You decided on the colors
And how You measured the sky.

Twirling leaves fall at my feet
I feel the warmth upon my face,
It blows my mind that something is waiting
That could be more gorgeous than this place.

I watch the sun begin to set
To only turn and find,
A million stars that fill the darkness
And a million praises fill my mind.

Is this where I find my patience
In the calming, clear display
Of the love that's constant in You
Of the price You had to pay?

Is this where I find my inner peace
I so often seem to break,
When the beauty You've created
Is negated by mistakes?

Your perfection overwhelms me
And Your mercy does the same
I feel my lips, too undeserving
To even let them speak Your name.

Nothing I could ever do now
Could return the love You give,
But I pray I prove my love to You
In the life that I will live.

A huge incentive on a canvas
That we simply call the earth,
By a Painter of compassion,
Yet still, we overlook its worth

But I will not take for granted
A single sunset, tree or star
Because each one reveals the majesty
Of the Artist that You are.

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  1. well arent you just lovely! thanks for befriending me on 20sb, I love your blog!! so wonderful to discover good God loving women online.


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