My All, To You

What is this peace I feel within
I've never felt before?
A peace that celebrates my soul,
I want for nothing more.

For in days past, I've searched to find
Fulfillment in this place,
But never once could see the way
To fill this empty space.

Selfishly, so selfishly
I reached for worldly things,
Too impressed with all of the movie stars
Or musicians plucking strings.

And one by one I grabbed at things
To heal my aching mind,
And placed them in my heart so deep
That only You could find.

I filled my heart with friendship
Sure to last my whole life through,
I filled it up with love, I thought
But there's no love when there's no You.

I filled it up with dreams so big
But even those can fade away,
I even filled it with possessions
And memories I hoped would stay.

And on a night I sat alone
It finally dawned on me,
I have all the things I think I want
But not the One I know I need.

So I filled my heart up with Your love
Just like I've done before,
The only difference was that this time
I left room for nothing more.

No things to make me shallow
Or things to make me cold,
No things to vainly idolize
Or give away when they get old.

And now that You are in my heart
With no other plans or pride,
You've expanded it, so I can fit
Other things I love inside.

How perfectly I finally see
Just what this life has in store,
Because I understand Your brilliant plan
And what my heart is really for.

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