With more than just my eyes.

I thought that I could see you
For who you really are
If I closed my eyes and tried to find
What you look like with my heart

So I stepped up right in front of you
And you gently took my hand
And placed it on your handsome face
So I could understand

Your skin was smooth and silky
So I tried to memorize
The beauty that I knew I'd see
With more than just my eyes

Your hair, I ran my fingers through
And although I couldn't see
I could feel the mere perfection
Of the man in front of me

And I wondered what your eyes were like
As your eyelids I would graze
Not knowing any color yet
But yearning for the gaze

And it seemed your mouth I couldn't wait
To press upon my fingertips
I could feel the warmth of your calm breath
And the softness of your lips

Oh what bittersweet familiarity
Of a man I've never seen
And the face I picture in my head
Is that of my sweetest dreams

Then you take my hand back in your grasp
And remove it from your face
And place it right upon your chest
So I can feel your heartbeat race

And as I start to raise my face
And open up my eyes
What I finally see in front of me
Is that of no surprise

The man standing before me now
Whose face I've memorized
And whose beauty I've felt with my heart
Resembles Jesus Christ

[This was a poem that I wrote over a year and a half ago that expresses how I see my husband with my heart and with my eyes, and how he tries to look like Christ with everything he does. ]

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  1. Aww, this brought tears to my eyes

  2. Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it. :)

  3. Beautiful poem! Lucky you :-)


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