Emanuel: God is with us.

Words can not express how proud I am of my husband.

Yesterday, our preacher and friend, Tye Power, came to our house to visit Adam. After talking and praying with Adam for a while, he left and wrote this on his facebook status:

"Visited Adam Bluhm just now. He is full of faith."

I've always hoped that if there was one thing that people could say to describe the man I marry, that it would be a statement like that.

Full of faith.

His strength amazes me. Through all of this, he sees the cancer as a way to grow closer to God and to me. He has more than just optimism, he has a Hope that endures and endures.

He might not realize it, but he is helping to strengthen my faith as well. I used to think that things didn't happen for a reason. That life was just one big game and whether you win or lose is all up to the decisions that you make. But this year I have changed my mind. I believe that people are placed in your life for a reason. That when you bomb a job interview and still get the position, that you get that position for a reason. And that when trials and hard times come into your life, you are given a blessing. You are given a chance to grow closer to God and to each other. And I used to think that I couldn't adore my husband any more than I do. But that was before I watched him go through one of the hardest things that you can face in life, and only grow more faithful.

Yep, everything happens for a reason.

I don't remember the exact date, but I do remember that it was a Sunday night. Somewhere between 9 and 10pm. I pulled my car into the carport of my house in Athens and turned my engine off. I remember praying that night and telling God that whatever he chose for my future was well with my soul. And I remember for once, not just saying it but truly meaning it, that if I never got married, I would be ok with it. [Yep, I was only 24 acting like I was 60 or something and had no chance of ever getting married, ...I'm so dramatic sometimes.] :)

But either way, I was ready to spend my life alone if I had to.

Just a few days later I remember getting a message from him on my social networking site. I had put a quote on there from a song that I love, and apparently, he was singing that song in his head and was at that exact part in the song when he opened my web page, and read the quote.


This caused him to write me a message and let me know that this had happened even though we barely knew each other. From there, we hit it off. And today?
Well, I love him more than I ever believed I could.

And we are going through this together. And our hope endures.

... And God is with us.

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