Monday (M)orning Music Review

I was so excited when I heard that Switchfoot was coming out with a new album. I have not really been thrilled with any of their stuff since Beautiful Letdown came out and I was hoping that they would win my heart over again.

Sad to say,
They didn't.

I my opinion, Hello Hurricane is a total flop. Ok, well not a TOTAL flop, there is one good song on the album. The track "Your Love is a Song" is a mix between a U2 ballad and a typical Switchfoot jam. The lyrics really aren't anything too clever, but the music and the way he sings is what makes the song so great. I could listen to it over and over. But I'm glad that I didn't buy the entire cd from I-tunes, or I might just have to listen to that one song... over and over and over. Bummer.
I give Hello Hurricane a ...

Flyleaf on the other hand, continues to go strong. I fell in love with the track "So I Thought" back in 2006 when I was living in Dallas. My brother introduced me to the band and once I heard that angelic voice over such heavy guitar, I knew I was hooked. This month they came out with their new album, Momento Mori.

My 3 favorite songs on the album are:

1. Treasure

This song is brilliant. It is a story of new beginnings, and of how she went from being nothing to being treasured over all the earth.

"Bearing the gift of a new heart, Patience ablaze... I'm slowly burning"
2. Again
This song is a lot heavier than Treasure, but once again, it is the lyrics that win me over. It is basically a letter to someone who needs to realize that there is someone much greater than them in control of things.

"I love the way your heart breaks
With every injustice and deadly fate, Praying it all be new, And living like it all depends on you"
3. Arise

Lacey has such a comforting voice in this song of positivity and encouragement.

"Arise and be all that you dreamed."

Thank you again, Flyleaf.

And last ... and definitely least...

You guys, have SO let me down.
Dashboard Confessional came out with After the Ending. I am sad to say, I do not like ONE song on this album. Not one. And I am a big fan of Dashboard, so this is super disappointing to me. Sure, I liked the sound of "Belle of the Boulevard", but once I read the lyrics, I was done. Just a little too Emo for me guys. [I know.. right?, imagine that.]

and so it hurts me, but I have to...

...so what album am I MOST looking forward to this Holiday Season??

The New Lifehouse, Smoke and Mirrors, hitting stores on December 8th.

I'm expecting great things.

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