25 Things I will NEVER Do.

Blogs are good places for lists.

Lists of things that inspire you. Lists of things that annoy you.

Lists of things that you make lists of, like I seem to be making now.

But a lot of times, people make lists of things that they will do before they die.

Their bucket list they call it.

And one by one when they get something accomplished, they scratch through that dream and move on to the next one. I love that idea. I've made one of those lists before. I don't think that I ever really followed through with it. In fact, I'm not even sure where I put it.

But I digress.

... that is not the kind of list I am making today.

Because I tend to be so predictable, I decided to do something a little more fun and make a different kind of list. This list is of the 25 things that I will NEVER do in my lifetime.
{And boy, am I glad.}

1. I will never ride any ride at a carnival. Ever again.

2. I will never drink diet coke.

3. I will never own too many pairs of sunglasses.

4. I will never pass up a hug from my grandmother.

5. I will never go to a Toby Keith concert.

6. I will never be called a dumb blonde. (Because I'm a brunette, of course!)

7. I will never watch the Twilight movies.

8. I will never get into a bar fight.

9. I will never eat cereal with raisins in it. (I'd rather starve.)

10. I will never own a tarantula.

11. I will never run more than 5 miles at a time. (I'd be lucky to make it past 3.)

12. I will never turn down a date night with my hubby.

13. I will never go bungee jumping.

14. I will never be called a math genius.

15. I will never be accused of wearing too much pink.

16. I will never ride a bull.

17. I will never play professional basketball.

18. I will never pierce my tongue.

19. I will never be mistaken for being anorexic.

20. I will never drive a motorcycle.

21. I will never audition for American Idol.

22. I will never eat ANYTHING that is mint and chocolate.

23. I will never find Will Ferrell funny.

24. I will never want to live down town in a big city.

25. I will never complete an entire crossword puzzle. (It's sad, but true.)

So ... how about you?
What is on your list of things you will never do?


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  1. ah! this was so cute! i am the same, i will never have cereal with raisins in it. i would rather starve too! and i don't think i will ever run more than a mile a time.. not sure if i should even admit that, but what the heck, it is true! love your blog! it is so cute!

  2. I liked reading this! Such a creative idea :-) I can't believe you will never eat mint and chocolate together...one of my favorite combos! I guess everybody's different, though :-)

  3. this is funny cos i just posted a bucket list on my blog! i like your idea so much more though :)

    7. I will never watch the Twilight movies.
    I couldn't agree more!!!

    Although, now that you mention it, I think getting into a bar fight in ON my bucket list. Ha! It's because I want to be in a fight at least once in my life..

  4. I love this, and I especially agree with #22 I always get weird comments when I express my hate for the taste of mint and chocolate together. I am so happy im not alone on this one! :)

    One thing I will never do...

    I will never give up on my dreams!

  5. this is funny! i totally would do i would nevers....i think it annoys mart a little bit! he is all for the i will i will i will. hehe.

  6. I have a diet coke PROBLEM. I drink WAY too many... everyday.

    I will never eat peanut butter (allergic) or chocolate (I hate it!) again.

    I will also never parallel park correctly... or at least not at this rate!

  7. loved this. although i love things that are mint & chocolate. & i love raisin bran & have seen the twilight movies. i'm now tempted to write my own list. xx

  8. Mint and chocolate? Oh, so yum! Some things I will never do:

    I will never watch a show on MTV. Ever. Again.
    I will never compete in the Olympics.
    I will never stop writing.

    Found your blog through 20SB! :) So glad I did!

  9. this is so cute!! I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and mint together either ;)


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