Here's to moving forward (and never looking back).

The past.
It haunts us sometimes.

Especially on days like today. On a day of new beginnings. On a day when we say goodbye to everything of yesterday. We tend to do a lot of thinking on days like today. About the choices we've made. About the thoughts and actions that brought us right to where we are today. So many people sit alone on days like today and wonder where they ever went wrong. They wonder if they have put a kink in the plan that God made for their life. Some people don't know how they will find the time to maintain all of their regrets. In other words, it is hard for them to see what lies ahead, because they won't stop looking back.

But you know what I think is really, ...just...beautiful?
The fact that God sees the big picture.

Our lives.
To us, they are a play by play. We make a decision and we see the results. But we can't see the effect that it has on our future. Not right now.

But God can.

When people are suffering on a day like today, maybe because they lost a loved one, or maybe because they tried to drink away their depression last night because of fears of failure in the next year, or maybe because they are celebrating alone ... they tend to question God's plan for them. Maybe in the last year they couldn't have the child that they were trying so desperately for, or maybe they couldn't save a marriage that they worked so hard on. Days like today are the ones where our hearts get all hopeful, and we wish so badly to see the future. To know that everything will be ok.

What I love is the mystery of it all. The fact that God is writing my story right now, as we speak, and only He knows the ending. It might turn out the way I have always imagined, and then again, He might really surprise me. But that is the fun of it all. To those hurting today, sure, it might seem like an unfair chapter of your life, but remember to place your focus on the ending and not the beginning. God sees the big picture, and one day this will all make sense.

Today, Here's to moving forward. And Never looking back.

Life is a story.
Sometimes it is wonderful beyond comprehension and sometimes it doesn't seem fair.
But it isn't the individual chapters that matter.
It is that feeling you'll get when you get a glimpse of the ending...

And your story finally comes together

and it all makes perfect, beautiful sense.

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  1. I sure hope god has good and positive things to write in my story, I sure need him these days.

  2. This is so Beautiful! Hard to fathom you are a 27 yr. old woman-SO WISE beyond your years!
    I am blessed by your insights and such deep spiritual faith.
    I feel so deeply that the path of my life is finally taking the shape that I can see the reason of the path. Why did I have to go through such painful times? WELL, the beauty that GOD has given for the ashes of my life-GIVE such incrediable joy. The fact that I am able to be a part of GODs children journey to wholeness-to be HIS hands and feet to bring comfort to the hurting and wounded that HE sends across my path is such a wonderous blessing.
    SURE do miss you in the trenches...but so glad you are happy and thriving in your journey.

    Hope you and Adam have a blessed and healthy new year.



  3. Beautiful as usual! I love it.. 'never looking back'
    I just don't want to be haunted by some things anymore.

  4. Your blog and your words are just beautiful.

    Praying for your husband.

  5. this was such a beautiful, encouraging post! especially since i feel like that is my problem a lot of the time- looking back. but it's like God has proven all too many times in my life- His plans for my life are WAY better than anything I've ever planned for my life. I hope you & your husband have a wonderful new year! xx

  6. your an ispiration, and your blog is beautiful. your family is in my prayers.

  7. Hi Theresa!! Oh my stars, you blog is absolutely lovely. My friend, Esther sent me your blog link and said I would enjoy reading...and I have so much.

    You are a strong vibrant woman, wife, daughter, and sister and your blog has inspried me to express myself in a whole new way. I would love and appreciate your guidance in "perking" up my blog page.

    I know you are a busy woman, but if I could get a few tips from you, it would mean the world to me.

    Oh yeah...my name is Teresa and my blog is http://blest-assurance.blogspot.com/

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!!


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