Of course he did.

You know how a lot of women say that they "married the man of their dreams"? I love hearing a woman say that and seeing the spark in her eyes, her face light up, her smile get bigger.

It's a beautiful thing, really.

This weekend I realized something incredible.

I married "the man of my prayers".

Yesterday after Church services we went out to eat to celebrate the baptism of Adam's dad and also the anniversary of his parents. As we were sitting there, I found myself starting to get a little annoyed exasperated by Adam and the things he was doing. He had his left arm around me most of the time, and because my hair is long, he was tugging on it accidentally. He had his right arm crossed over occasionally touching me on the ribs or the stomach and if you know me at all, you know that I am VERY ticklish and I jump at the smallest pokes. He was constantly looking at me or saying something in my ear, something silly or ridiculous just to get that one laugh ( the one where I throw my head back and bust out laughing) out of me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him constantly staring at me. Like he was waiting on me to do or say something. And like I said, for a split second I looked at him and thought ... "really dude. What is in your water?" But that is when I realized exactly what he was doing. He was doing the very thing that I always prayed for.

He was doting on me.

Yes, I prayed for that. In my past I experienced a few relationships where I sometimes thought that maybe the guy I was dating forgot that he was even out with me! Something else was constantly grabbing his attention. Either something on TV, someone at another table, or even someone at our table. It always made me feel kind of bad. I always left thinking - how can I grab his attention like all of those other things? And because it bothered me so much, it was always something that I prayed about. I wanted my husband to adore me. To find me the most intriguing person in the room.And he does. :)

I realized it again today, while I was at work. I kept getting little text messages just to tell me how much he missed me. Or an inside joke of ours, just something funny that he knew would make me smile in the middle of my long day. It reminded me that all day at work he was thinking of me. Excited to see me when I got home. That is such a great feeling. It is what I always hoped for in the man I married. To always feel like he was so glad that he found me.

In a month we will have our two year anniversary. I think we are to the point where the "newlywed phase" has usually worn off for most couples. Where they decide that they really don't need to impress the other person anymore. But not us. It is something that I think will never wear off for us. Because I always wanted this kind of love.

I prayed for it.

I am so thankful for Adam.
It is like God knew exactly what I wanted,
but more importantly what I needed.

But who am I kidding?

Of course He did.
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  1. You guys are a beautiful couple.

  2. What a great post! This gives me hope :)

  3. It's so great to hear how God brought you your one special person.

    Prayer really does work ;)

    I actually pray for the same thing ALL OF THE TIME! Sometimes, I get frustrated looking at all of the men around me, knowing they won't ever be what I need. Luckily, I serve a God who won't give me certain needs and then not meet them :))

    It's great hearing about how God has blessed other people with the only other person in the world made for them. You're lucky to have found him.

    Can't wait 'til I find mine!


  4. thank you for this post! you both are such an inspiration and a testimony of God's faithfulness and goodness!
    The Lord's been promptiny my prayers towards my husband this past week and I love stories where you can look back and SEE the faithfulness of the Lord and I can't wait till I can see it fully! =] <3

  5. that is soo beautiful. i just recently met the man i have been praying for too and every morning i find my spirit thanking God for him even before i open my eyes. God is soo wonderful in that he wishes to give us his best, especially in a mate.

  6. You have a beautiful blog.
    You guys are a beautiful couple.


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