5 Lessons I will Teach my Daughter (that I had to learn the hard way).

1. God knows what He is doing. Don't doubt Him. 

So often we think we have everything figured out. What would be best for our lives, who would be best in our lives, and how the future should play out. But trying to control what happens in your future is like trying to change a book that has already been published. I'm willing to bet that there will be times in my daughters' lives [plural, did you catch that?] when I will have to console their broken hearts. When they don't understand why they didn't make the grade, they didn't get the job, or the boy didn't stay. And all I will be able to tell them will be from my own experiences, that God knows what He's doing. That bigger and better things will be waiting around the corner if they stay faithful and live for Him. But something tells me that they won't listen, just like I didn't, and they will have to finally see this for themselves.

2. Never confuse Kindness with Weakness

You will find that strength and power so often have to equal harshness and rudeness. Not always, but a lot of the time. It doesn't make any sense, really. You never win true friends this way. Being the bully in school never pays off. And being the bully as an adult never does either. The only person you will be fooling is yourself. Kindness to others , ... understanding, patience, forgiveness,.... those are true strengths. So never let anyone make you feel inferior because you are a kindhearted person. It takes a lot more courage to be tenderhearted and gentle with others than it does to run all over them.

3. People are often shallow when it comes to appearances.
That is their sickness. Not yours.

Don't ever try to mold into what people think you should be. There will always be people in the world that are going to make comments about those who are over weight, about those who have different facial features, etc. The tricky part is, society will try to make you feel like you have something that needs to be fixed, when in reality, those who are critical are the ones with the problem. They tend to be the shallow and insecure ones that can't seem to get passed what lies on the outside. Pray for them. Realize that you are beautiful just the way that God made you. Don't fall for their lies and definitely don't become a part of their sickness. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who has to put others down because of their looks in order to feel better about hers.

4. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

When someone hurts you, have compassion. I'm not insisting that you bury your feelings and never let anyone know how they made you feel, but do so with mercy and forgiveness. Put your self in the other person's shoes. Try and figure out why they might have done these things to hurt you. Try to understand them. And when you realize they they were unkind because of the sadness and disappointment in their own life, again, say a prayer for them and be the bigger person. Forgiveness is better for you than it is for the person you are forgiving. And remember, if you want to be an example of Christ, there is no better way to do that than with mercy and love.

5. Be ready for the moment.

There will be one
crucial moment in your life. One moment that will never replay. And in that moment, something will happen that will make your heart stop. You will just hold your breath. For a split second, you will be reminded of what is important in life. And that nothing else is. This moment can come in so many different forms. It can come in the form of a letter saying goodbye, in the doctor telling you that your husband has cancer, in the birth of a child, in the death of a loved one. I'm not sure how this moment is going to appear to you, but my sweet daughter, be ready. Because this moment changes your life.

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  1. Those are great lessons to learn and it would make life easier to learn them at a young age.


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