I've made a mess of me.

Today, I am celebrating my marriage.

No, .... no special occasion.

It is not our anniversary or anything.

Just feel really grateful and privileged to be his wife.

Yesterday, Adam pulled an old piece of paper out of his Bible. I glanced at it and recognized my handwriting and saw that it was a list of things that I had written down. At first, I shrugged it off as being one of those "honey-do" lists ... you know the type ladies, the one's we write and then they mysteriously disappear and are never seen again. ;)

But it wasn't.
He handed it to me and I realized that it was my list of 25 things that I wanted to do before I die. I had written it about 2 years prior. Why he has been keeping it and not me (so that I can be sure I am doing these things and checking them off) is beyond me, but I did start to go over some of them and realized how incredibly silly a lot of them are:

in no particular order-

1. Go to Italy and meet the rest of my family.
2. Deep Sea Diving.
3. Paint a picture and sell it.
4. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel.
5. Write an autobiography.
6. Play music to my children in my womb.
(Yes, headphones on the belly and all.)
7. Go Kayaking.
8. Get my mom to stop smoking.

9. Be a missionary in another country.
10. Get Project Virtue off of the ground and into a huge non-profit organization.
11. Plant an oak tree and watch it grow.
12. Take a road trip with no plans.
13. Get a puppy and name her Saydee.
14. Help bring as many people to Christ as I can.
15. See the cure for cancer found.
16. Experience my brother's wedding day.
17. Ride horses in a field of yellow flowers.
(Could I BE any more random?)
18. Make an inspirational home video of my family.
19. Go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked.
20. Write a poem for my mom.
21. Watch Adam hit a home run as the music from the natural plays.
22. Camp out with my entire family.
23. Catch fireflies in a jar.
24. Learn to play the violin/cello.
25. Go fishing, just me and my dad.

As I looked at these things and thought about how easy a lot of them will be to obtain, I also realized that some of them will probably never happen.

And I'm ok with that.

At the end of my life, it probably won't be the things like starting a non-profit and learning to play the violin that will make me fulfilled.

But the fact that I have a husband that watched me write this list...

and then carried my dreams around with him.

26. Marry the love of my life.

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