We wait too late to send flowers.

I was completely moved the other day.

By a little old man.

And reminded that life is too short, and goes by too fast not to tell the people we love, that we love them.

You see, we were sitting in church services that morning listening to someone speak and a little old man named Clofford lifted himself up on his walker, scooted out of the pew and down the aisle to the front of the church building.

At first, I was a little shocked and didn't know what to expect. He just stood there, patiently, waiting for his turn to speak. As much as I was trying to focus on the man speaking and what he was saying to the congregation, I couldn't help but be distracted by this sweet little man standing before us and I couldn't help but wonder what he was up to.

Did he need some kind of medical help and needed to get our attention? What did he need? We have all been kind of worried about him recently. He lost his wife of many years not too long ago, then he became ill, and our congregation has been taking turns looking after him and making sure that he is doing ok and is not too lonely.

Finally, when he got a chance to speak, his weak and shaky voice said this:

"I just wanted to say how proud I am of Phil (the man speaking). And how much I love him."
and as he started getting a little emotional and his eyes filled up with tears he said..

"We wait too late to send flowers..."

I knew exactly what he meant.

He was talking about the flowers that we send to someones funeral. And that a lot of times it is something like that, that makes us want to talk about those we love and how much we love them while we have the chance.

And so, thinking about that today ... I wanted to say a couple of words to some of my friends and loved ones here on my blog. To some of the people that I didn't get to write letters to earlier in the year.

I know how fast time flies. And like Clofford said, I don't want to wait until it is too late to let people know what they mean to me. I want to "send them flowers" as often as I can.

I miss you. I miss talking about love and life with you. I remember how you were there to take me under your wing when I first started college. And I will never be able to tell you how much I love you for that. I wish I could be there for you now. I wish I could give you a big hug and be there so you could cry on my shoulder. But I know that your mom is so proud of you. I know you took good care of her. And I know you've got the kind of heart in you, that she had in her. You've never settled for less than what you've deserved, and you've always treated everyone you've met with kindness and love. I'm so honored to call you my friend.

Thank you for being so good to my best friend. I always laugh with Crystal about how alike you and I are. We both find ourselves worrying and stressing about little things because we want so badly to give the people we love everything we can. You are a good man, Dalton. If I could have chosen anyone in the world to take care of my sister, to love her like her sweet heart deserves, I couldn't have found anyone better. You two are perfect for each other. And when I see the way you look at Crystal, and the way you look at your son, ... I know that God put the right person in her life. I know you want to give them the world. And I love you for that.

Some of my very best memories have you in them. You are precious to me. I hope you know that. I miss living close to you so much. You are by far, one of the sweetest, most gentle people I have ever known. And the love you have for your family is absolutely inspiring. Thank you for coming to my wedding. It would not have been the same without you there. And though we didn't get to spend much time together that day, it was like we had never been apart. We caught right back up to where we left off. That is how you know that you have a lifelong friend. You are such a beautiful person and I can't wait to see you again. I love you.

I am so excited for you. I'm excited for the life you have made for yourself. There are few things that make a person happier, than watching a friend succeed. But the coolest thing about you, I think, is that if you take away all of the rock-n-roll, all of the late nights in the studio, all of the shows, and all of the things that make you this awesome musician, underneath you are still such a wonderful person. I know that I could count on you if I ever really needed you. I know that you are the kind of friend that would take up for me in a heartbeat. The kind that would drive a long way just to see me. The kind that would pay me back something I let you borrow. Even if it is a penny that still sits in a bush somewhere in Waco, Tx. :) You are just that kind of friend.
I miss you B.

"The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends,
and your friends become your family." -Danica Whitfield

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  1. yes. oh my gosh YES. i LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words. Although I could never be as wonderful as my mom is, it touches my heart anytime anyone compares me to her. I can only hope to be half the woman, mother, wife she was. I love you Theresa and am so happy I made a little difference in your life as you have made one in mine. You have always been so faithful to our God and have led many in example of what a good Christian woman should be like. My faith is stronger by having you as an example. I miss you so much. I love you little sis!


  3. This is much more convenient than visiting a flower shop to get your love ones some roses. It's faster and much more practical.


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