2010: Our Year In Pictures

The beginning of the year was filled with Relays and trips to

visit loved ones. Adam got to walk his very first lap as a

Survivor. Our best friends' son, Brady, was getting so big already.

The Spring had a lot of perks. We attended family reunions,

baby showers, and a lot of Texas Rangers games. Adam got

honored out on the field for being a cancer survivor. We also

got to watch baby Brady grow some more and meet Taylor's

girlfriend, Sarah Beth, whom we happen to already really love.

This Summer turned out to be one of the best summers
of my life. We had a lot of changes at work, and I got three
new co-workers that have, along with Mona, turned out to be some
of my greatest friends. We went on a trip with Adam's brother to
Padre Island, and my adorable nephew, Charlie, was born.

As the summer started to end, we had a lot more fun at sports
events like more Rangers games and the Dallas Stars game.
I got to go ride horses with my friends Karla and Chase and
all of us at the office decided to have a Halloween potluck in
costume. Adam got a new job working for a big construction
company and is doing really well at it. I'm really proud of him.

The Fall and early Winter turned out to be amazing. We had
visits from Adam's sister and our nephew and from my best friend
and her family. The girls at the office joined me in TWLOHA day.
I got to meet a very inspirational man, Oleus Lilly, who ran across
Texas for a Cure. We also got to watch one of my favorite college
buddies play in his band, SleeperStar, at a concert in Dallas.

In December, we made a lot of memories. We went to a ton of
Christmas parties with friends, for work, and with our church family.
The girls at work threw me a birthday party and it was so sweet!
I even had some volunteers show up to wish me Happy Birthday
and they brought me precious gifts. Adam took me to the
Battleship Texas and the San Jacinto Monument.

And the end of 2010 was a Blast! We finally found out my medical
problems which turned out to be my gallbladder. Nothing a little
healthy eating can't fix! We did a lot of traveling around the state to
be with friends and family for the Holidays. I turned the big 28 and
Adam threw me a mini party of his own. On New Years, we went to
Houston and rang in 2011 with the Bluhm family. It was a good year.

"Memories are a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose." - Unknown

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