Monday (M)orning Music Review

This week, I'm reviewing Taylor Swift's RED. 

Say what you will about Taylor, the girl's got passion. And passion is what it takes to make a great album. 

I'm pleasantly surprised. After hearing her very pop-ish, "Call Me Maybe" sounding song on the radio - We Are Never Getting Back Together, I thought I would have to pass on checking this new record out. But, thankfully, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and she didn't disappoint. As we all know, Taylor writes about her own personal struggles, heartaches, and heartbreaks in love. Most people can relate to at least one song she sings. But more than that this time, she combines amazing tunes with amazing words and really knocks it out of the park for me. 

Here are a few of my favorite songs on the record: 

The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody)

This doesn't sound like your typical Taylor. In fact, to me, it sounds a lot like a slow Weepies song. The music at the beginning is haunting, and the lyrics are beautiful. 

And you open your eyes into mine
And everything feels better.

I Knew You Were Trouble

I love the sound of this song. The beat is great and you can definitely roll down your windows in the beautiful fall weather and jam to it! It's fun and up-beat, and yet, still has those lyrics from her journal that let you know, another one bites the dust! ha!

Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street
A new notch in your belt is all I'll ever be
And now I see
He was long gone when he met me

Holy Ground

This is a sweet and lovely little melody. 

Well I guess we fell apart the usual way
And the story's got dust on every page,
Sometimes I wonder how you think about it now.
And I see your face in every crowd. 

Anyway, gotta run, gotta take my little one to music class so that maybe one day he will put out an amazing album about his life and love experiences! ;)

Great job, Taylor. I'm a fan! 
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