40 before 40

 I've decided to make myself a list of things I want to do before my next big birthday. I've gotten to do a lot of amazing things in my twenties. I mean AMAZING.

I've had two really amazing jobs working for non-profits. I've gotten married. I've had our beautiful son. I've made so many friends. I've gotten to see a baseball game in Wrigley Stadium, "pet" a stingray, dog sled in the mountains of Montana, and the most important of all ... I became a Christian!!

Here is my list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40, some of them I've already been able to do, so I will scratch them off as I go. What do you want to do before your next big birthday??

1. Travel to Italy. Done 01/07/2014

2. Go Deep Sea Diving.

3. Paint a picture and sell it.   Done 06/22/13

4. Kiss [my husband] at the top of a Ferris wheel. Done 04/06/14

5. Write a novel.

6. Become a mom.   Done 11/20/11

7. Get my Master's

8. Be a missionary in another country.
9. Plant an oak tree and watch it grow.
10. Take a road trip with no plans.
11. See the cure for cancer found.
12. Go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked.
13. Watch Adam hit a home run as the music from the natural plays.
14. Camp out with my entire family.
15. Catch fireflies in a jar.
16. Learn to play the violin/cello.
17. Go fishing, just me and my dad.
18. Play music to my children in my womb. Done 8/23/11
19. Help start a non-profit organization.
20. Sleep on the beach. Done 5/29/10
21. Run a 5K
22. Have a “girls night” with ALL of my best girl friends
23. Lay on a blanket on a hill and watch fireworks  Done 7/4/07
24. Buy a horse(s)
25. Go Kayaking.
26. Be there when my best friend has a child. Done 12/18/09
27. Grow a garden
28. Read the Bible front to back  Done 4/12
29. Ride horses all day long Done 10/13/10
30. Take a train ride Done 04/22/13
31. Write a song with my brother and record it
32. Have a birthday party Done 12/08/12
33. Go to a world cup game
34. Beat my mom [and/or brother] at Jeopardy
35. Read Wuthering Heights [AGAIN] Done 11/15/10
36. Laugh until I cry Done several times
37. Launch a sky lantern
38. Go to a drive in movie Done 8/22/02
39. Make homemade pasta
40. Send my message in a bottle