My Best Friends Wedding.

This last weekend, my best friend and sister-in-law, Autumn Bluhm, got married to Britt Spivey. They have been dating for almost 5 years now so it was about time! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I love the both of them more than words could even describe. It was such a great time getting to see old friends, and hanging out with my new family and the Spivey family. Everyone is so nice and you can just feel the love among all of us.

Some of my favorite moments of the weekend :

Breann's speech at the rehearsal dinner. Too funny.
Watching little Samuel bust a move on the stage during rehearsal.
Laughing with Adam while the Vicky lady talked and talked and talked and talked.....
One more night with my "cuddle buddy" - bonding time.
Autumn keeping our feet warm with a hair dryer.
Racing Crystal across a dark gym in the church building. That girl is fast!
Seeing Autumn in her dress for the first time.
Trying not to crack up when Chris said ravish.
The Ceremony.
Dancing back down the aisle with Maddog.
Aby connected to my hip. Love that.
Oh, so many more I can't even remember!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey! I found your blog on your facebook page! Just from the few posts I read, I can tell that you are an amazing woman whose heart is after God's very own! I'm so glad I met you last weekend because believe it or not, you have been an amazing role model to me, just through your words! I hope you have an amazing 4th and Praise God for the freedoms we have today!
    Lauren Casey


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