March Madness...

Emphasis on MAD.
6th grade. The last time I played. But I couldn't dribble without getting the ball stolen, so I have hated basketball ever since.

Thanks to my ever so sweet brother-in-law, I get to be a part of the March Madness Yahoo Sports Tournament Pick'Em. (That's quite a long title.)
Can we say... obsession??
I get so obsessed with winning - or at least not getting last place- that I have found myself going completely MAD over a sport that I NEVER watch. Tonight, there I was... screaming at the t.v. for Washington to win. To only go back to the office and look again at my bracket. No, I picked Purdue. So here I come, FLYING through our hallway into the living room, with the score like 73-71 or something, yelling at the top of my lungs - "NO! GO PURDUE! GO PURDUE!!" My husband thinks I am a raving lunatic.

So...Here's to March Madness.
And to the hope that I don't wind up in last place.
Thanks Britt, this is fun. :)
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  1. LOL!!! Madness it is :) always fun though! gotta love ball! :)


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