What a Man.

Many of the people in my college circle were recently married. It was almost like a domino effect spreading across our social scene. And without a doubt, I feel as though God has absolutely blessed me with the greatest husband on earth. Through life's trials, some marriages will last a lifetime, and unfortunately, others will slowly fade out like a candle in the wind. I am reminded today because of other people's characters, of the reasons why I can honestly say I adore my husband, and why we have an amazing marriage. So.. here are the Top 5:

5. His Humility. I find it so unattractive for a man to be arrogant or proud. Adam is the most humble man I know. He doesn't have to put others down to build himself up. He would rather congratulate an opponent than talk trash. It is incredibly handsome to me, that he is secure enough in himself to have a spirit of humility.

4. He respects women. He understands that God created us to be a helper. And though he is absolutely the head of the house, the authority over me, he values my opinion and my heart. He does so with all women. A perfect gentleman he is, giving up his seat for a lady every time. :)

3. He is a strong kind of sensitive. Just like Jesus. Jesus was the most gentle, yet strongest man on earth. His strength did not come from his ability to argue or his haughtiness. Instead, it came from his mercy and forgiveness. That is Adam in a nutshell.

2. He finds strength in weakness. He has never had any kind of underlying issues that make him have to put on a hard shell all of the time. Where other men would feel the need to be macho, Adam is perfectly fine in his weakness and brokenness needing Gods love and mercy. He doesn't think he has all of the answers, he doesn't think he does everything right, and to me, that is incredibly attractive.

1. He LOVES. He loves others. He cares about their souls. He doesn't just want to label them the "wrong ones" and go on living his life. He is not content in his state of Christianity. He is always striving to be better. And above all, he doesn't call agreeing with someone "loving them", but actually cares about their well being. He actually SHOWS loving acts towards them. Apologizes when he is wrong, and forgives when others are.

To me, ... he is the manliest man that I have ever known. Though others I know might question his obedience to God because they bind where the Bible does not bind, HE LOOKS more like Christ than any of them. He SINCERELY loves, he forgives, he is humble, gentle, merciful. That is why I have to say that I am blessed beyond measure to be his wife and helper.

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  1. M J KeynonApril 08, 2009

    It is rare to see such wonderful things said by women about their husbands. Most of what we hear in this world is so negative. It is nice to see such spiritually grounded people following after Christ. I am glad I stumbled across this post. Thanks for the uplifting words.


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