A Riddle of A Day

What do Cupcakes, New Haircuts, and Old Friends all have in common??

Absolutely Nothing.

Except the fact that I am crazy about all of them, of course.

So I have been watching Food Network's ACE OF CAKES lately, and TLC's CAKE BOSS and it just looks like so much fun to be able to come up with an artistic design and turn it into something so sweet and so scrumptious to eat. So I tried it. Definitely not the most beautiful designs in the world, but hey, not bad for an amateur. They taste good too!

So what is my next challenge you might ask?

Patriotic Cupcakes, for our 4th of July Party!

Speaking of July, it is THAT time again, my friends. SUMMER. You know how I know? Because I have 50 million inches of hair growing out of my head and hanging out on the back of my shirt causing 100 degree weather to feel like 140 degree weather instantly. Or I did. It was all I could take. So I went in this week and got it chopped. (Not really chopped, more like, ... liberated!) I really love the new do and I am seriously glad that my head no longer weighs a ton.

PS. DO NOT LAUGH AT THIS PICTURE. I hate taking pictures of myself because I go through that "teeny bopper on Myspace trying to get the perfect angle to send to the creepy 60 year old sex offender posing as a 17 year old boy" feeling. But, sometimes... you've just got to prove your point.

Scissors: 1 , Split Ends: 0
This past weekend, our Old, Great, Friends, Crystal & Dalton came to spend the weekend with us. We had such a great time! They are those kind of friends that you can just sit around and talk about everything under the sun with for hours. On Friday night, we had dinner at our house, played games, (watched Crystal almost stop breathing because she was laughing so hard), and stayed up talking for hours about spiritual things, old memories, what's new, and so much more.

On Saturday we all got up and headed out to eat lunch at Jalapeno Tree, WHICH BY THE WAY, is one of our Favorite places, and they had never even heard of it.

The Famous ICE CREAM OUTSIDE picture. Gotta love it.
We make it a habit to take this one with all of our favorite couples.
Then we took them to see UP, because Ad liked it a lot, and I'm not going to deny it. I'm in love with the movie. In Love. It is definitely one of the sweetest, most insightful movies I have ever seen.

Plus, it is fun in 3-D.
Isn't she adorable, ladies and gentlemen??
Crys thought that Adam looked like DREW CAREY.

Dalton laughed so hard during the short before the film, I thought we were going to have to carry him out of there.
All in all, we had a wonderful weekend with them and I was SO SAD to see them go. Hurry up and move to TYLER already!!! :)
What a GREAT summer so far, and we have a lot more to look forward to ... like...CHICAGO!
Stay Tuned. :)

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  1. Ok--your cupcakes were cute especially the 4th of July ones, your hair is very very cute- doesn't it feel great to cut it off. I am glad that you had a blast with Crystal and Dalton- we miss them and you guys so much. Me and Clint also loved the movie UP- I actually cried twice during it- it was so sweet. I only wish they made more good movies like that more often than the trash they throw out there all the time. Hope everything is going well with you - have to run

  2. So I finally got to see your blog. LOVE it. We had a great time too and looking at these pictures made me smile the whole time. We really did have a great time. So many laughs and so many serious talks. And finding out that You and Dalton can relate and Adam and I can relate. It's crazy. I do wish we lived closer. Everything was great. I love and miss you guys.

  3. youre cupcakes look amazing! im addicted to ace of cakes :) and i definitely chopped off about 7 inches of my hair at the beginning of the summer.. i think my pony tail weighed more than my head ;)


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