In the recent weeks, I have heard a lot of my friends talking about how excited they are that the new Transformers movie is coming out. Although I don't particularly get the obsession with the movie, I understand, Transformers were toys that my brother and I played with for many years of our childhood. So essentially, I can understand what would initially draw people to the movie trailer and why they would go see this movie. However, because so many of the people that expressed an interest in this movie to me are Christians, people who would be offended by the things that ultimately put Christ on the Cross, I thought that I would shed some light on this movie.

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Crystal and I were discussing different websites that we use when trying to review movies and their content. One of mine and Adam's favorites is Plugged In Online (a nifty website for anyone who wants to know ALL offensive content in a movie before viewing). Today as we were talking about going to see a movie for our date night I decided to run through a couple of movies and see what Plugged In had to say. One of the movies I researched was Transformers. Here is what they had to say :

(note: some of the context was too offensive, therefore, I had to replace words with *'s.)

The first time the Transformers motored into theaters, Plugged In was dismayed by the film's sexual content. This time around, we're appalled.
Let's start with Alice, an apparently beautiful college student with an eye on Sam. Alice tries every way possible to seduce the lad. She dresses in the sultriest of outfits and makes sure Sam gets the best possible look at her attributes. She coos and pouts and makes suggestive comments.
When that doesn't work, she straddles him on his bed—obviously intent upon having sex—starts kissing him and "reveals" more of herself, so to speak. But Alice's big reveal isn't what Sam has been led to believe. A metallic appendage snakes out of the bottom of her dress (we see Alice's underwear) and later out of her mouth (her tongue is still attached to the end). She's a Decepticon with rather freakish sexual intentions, it seems.
Indeed, the Decepticons as a whole have grown more sexualized since the last movie. One huge robot displays two dangling orbs that are meant to resemble ****. Another smaller critter wraps itself around Mikaela's leg quite suggestively.
Speaking of Mikaela, she sports short shorts and cleavage-bearing tops throughout the film. Frankly, she'd seem more at home in a skimpy swimsuit magazine than in a shoot-'em-up actioner. One particularly gratuitous camera shot zooms in on her backside as she works on a motorcycle. When Sam goes off to college, he and Mikaela talk about having Internet dates—complete with candles, music, special outfits and the suggestion of X-rated hanky-panky. In person, Sam and Mikaela kiss and cuddle.
Scads of other sexual distractions surround Sam at college as well. Walls are papered with posters and pictures of women (including one whose hair just covers her bare chest), and the university's halls are brimming with attractive co-eds (and leering, ogling guys). A college party features some scantily clad girls dancing seductively.
Elsewhere, the Witwicky family dogs are twice shown having sex ("You'll see a lot of that in college, too," Sam's dad guffaws). His mother talks about how she heard her son lose his virginity. She also fantasizes about skinny-dipping, assumes a garbled call is an obscene prankster and refers to her husband as both a "dirty old man" and a "college professor" ("I'll do anything to get an A," she coos). For his part, Sam's father slaps Mom on the rump.
Characters also make crass references involving **, ***** and other intimate body parts. A guy crudely propositions a college girl by comparing his anatomy to the meat pizza he's carrying. Two pairs of people end up unconscious in compromising positions (including two guys in one instance). A professor flirts suggestively. Leo, Sam's roommate, asks if he can watch Sam and Alice have sex. A store sports a neon "Porn" sign in the window. And we see a character's nearly bare backside while he's wearing a thong.
Revenge of the Fallen's filmmakers likely spent more money on explosives than many third world nations spend on food. The film is loaded with guns, grenades, pyrotechnics and mayhem, and it's a rare moment indeed when audiences aren't subjected to something being bashed, smashed or blown up.
Much of the action involves machine-on-machine violence, and we see Transformers skewered, squashed, decapitated, ripped apart or nearly chewed up, all accompanied by copious amounts of gushing oil.
When Sam is captured by Megatron, he's held down on a table and told he'll die painfully. One tiny, slimy robot slithers into Sam's mouth, and we see tendrils wiggle in his nose. Another robot brandishes a wee rotary saw, preparing to cut open Sam's skull. And when Sam, Mikaela and others run through a battle zone, Sam nearly gets killed by an explosion.
About half-a-dozen combat scenes apparently kill soldiers, usually via explosions that hurl their bodies through the air (though one poor victim gets stomped on by a Decepticon). After a ship sinks, we see bodies in the water. Cars—and their passengers—get destroyed in a city battle. Several helicopters also go down during firefights. In the worldwide havoc unleashed by the evil robots, we're told that the death toll for one day of carnage hits 7,000.
Other violent moments include several people getting tased. Sam's mom is attacked by a kitchen appliance and hits her head hard on a hanging plant as she flees from the robot.
We hear a bunch of barely disguised f-word variants, including "freaking," "frigging," "frick" and "eff" as well as one interrupted exclamation of "mother—." "Pork" is also used as a suggestive stand-in for the f-word. Other profanity includes about 10 s-words and 15 or so misuses of God's name. We hear about 25 uses combined of "***," "***," "" "*****---" and the British profanity "***." "****" and "****" are also said once each.
Sam's dad has a beer, and his mom has a glass of wine. She also eats marijuana-laced brownies—despite her husband's warning—and subsequently acts silly while stoned.
A man walks out of a bathroom with his pants down (but boxers on) and asks a security guard for toilet paper (a ruse to lure him from his post). Some Transformers apparently have issues with flatulence: One discharges some fire, another ejects a parachute. Some military personnel seem to disobey orders.

I realize that this post is probably a little late for anyone that might want to avoid going to see this movie, as it came out in theaters at least a week ago. But for those of you that would be very offended by this type of movie, I wanted to spare you some heartache by letting you know this. It seems as though the movie industry is not only trying to get the audience to buy into their Transformers, but also trying to Transform the minds of their audience.

Want to make sure that what you are about to watch is safe? GET PLUGGED IN.

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect." Romans 12:2

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  1. thanks so much. I didn't even know that there was a site like that. i will be looking at that from now on. We haven't seen the movie and I am glad that I know that about it. Its so hard to find a good movie now a days, even the kid movies now you have to be careful with. Thanks for bringing that out.


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