Update on Adam

First of all, I just want to thank EVERYONE who has written or called us this last week. There are so many of you who are very precious to us, who have prayed for us and also who plan on coming to the hospital on the day of Adam's surgery. That means a lot to him.

He will be having surgery on October 28th to have this mass removed. The second doctor had the same opinion as the first one that we went to see. They say that there is a very good chance of this being cancer because of Adam's age and because it is SO RARE in males.

The doctor said that the average mass size that he has seen is 2 centimeters in diameter and Adam's mass has grown to be 8 centimeters in diameter. I'm frustrated that we have to wait so long to do the surgery, but that was as soon as the surgeon could get him in. We will not know until the day before - what time the surgery will be, but I will update my FB status, and on here so that everyone can be sure and say a little prayer at the time of surgery.

Again, thank you everyone who has had us in your thoughts. This has been incredibly stressful for both of us, but Adam is staying strong. He came into the room with me on Saturday and said with a smirk - "Hey, if they do find cancer, that means I'm a survivor, doesn't it?"
Being a survivor is HUGE when it comes to cancer patients and I have learned that through my job. I definitely think that it is one of those incredible blessings that I work for the American Cancer Society if this does turn out to be thyroid cancer, because like one of my volunteers told me - "God put you in the right place to make all the connections you need!!"

This just drives it home even more with me that my job has incredible value. I hope that one day when my children ask me what I did for a living I can say -

I helped find the cure for cancer.

I'll keep everyone posted on my sweet husband... keep praying! :)

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  1. oh love. you're in our thoughts and prayers! I couldn't imagine what you're going through or how you feel. Just know you have a strong group of ladies and friends behind you!
    I pray that all goes well and that everything turns out to be okay :)


  2. Hi Theresa,
    Grady had a prayer request for Adam announced last Wednesday. Just wanted you to know you and Adam have been in my thoughts and prayers this past week. I hope and I'll pray that the surgery goes smoothly next week and if it's cancer that God will provide you both the strength and endurance to get through the days ahead of fighting the cancer battle. I think your volunteer's comment is right on...what better place/job could you be in. Keep your faith...God will provide.
    Love, Elizabeth

  3. Sonja, Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I DO feel very blessed to have such an incredible group of friends and an AMAZING family who will all be there for Adam on the day of his surgery.

    Elizabeth, thank you also for your prayers and comforting words. I will keep everyone posted on how the surgery goes and if they find cancer. But you are absolutely right, GOD WILL PROVIDE. He always does.

    Love, Theresa

  4. Hi Teresa,
    I have been thinking of you and Adam. I have been praying for Adam and you also. I miss you both.
    Judy Alexander, small group, Eastern Hills Church of Christ


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