Treatment : Day 2

Adam is still hanging in there and still very strong. The only side effect that he is experiencing even a little bit is some soreness in his salivary glands so he is continuously sucking on lemons or sour candy. Other than that, he is doing really good. 2 days down and 5 more to go when it comes to not being able to hug him.

5 days. That shouldn't be so tough, right?

5 Days

I think if I was on a trip and in a different city or something, it wouldn't be so bad. But because he is right here with me and I can hear his voice and see him, but still can't hug him... that's hard.

But we will survive. That is the important thing....
He will get through this.

Today was Sunday. So Adam did not get to come with me to church services today. He hated to miss it, but is so glad that he is not feeling any sickness or too much soreness.

Oh. And he hasn't lost his taste. So far, so good.
["Keep bringing on the steak and potatoes!"] -
{ followed by a deep and manly Tim Taylor grunt}


we ♥ our Church Congregation SO MUCH.
Words can not even begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for all that they have done for us. They care about us like family. I know that is the way that congregations are suppose to be, and it is so good to experience that. I'm telling you, there is going to be an EXTRA SPECIAL place in Heaven for those people. You know, somewhere between my Papaw, and Tisha Young, and Candy Landis ...somewhere in there. ;)

As for me, I am off all this next week so I am excited for a little break.

Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning to me this year.

And our God is so good.

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