Before The Breaking Of The Human Heart...

Today I was thinking about how it must have been in the garden of Eden.
When everything was pure and innocent.
When it was just Adam and Eve and the presence of God.
Before there was any pain, sickness, sorrow, or death.

{In other words, before Adam and Eve had to go and mess things up for the rest of us.}
buncha jerks.

No, but seriously, it must have been amazing.

Treatment : Day 3

Things are looking up. Adam finally got to get off of his boring and bland no iodine diet today. He was so excited. The first thing I did when we found out was head up to the grocery store and buy him every delicious thing that I laid eyes on. My list included stuffed crust pizza, macaroni and cheese, french fries, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream. Alan, his brother, said that I should have just put everything on top of the pizza and called it a day.

Tomorrow is the full body scan. We are both pretty certain that we will not be able to have the results of what that shows, tomorrow. It might take a few days or even a week. But if it takes a week to tell us that Adam is cancer free, then it is worth the wait. We go in to the hospital at 7 in the morning, so if you are up and having some quiet time, or saying your prayers for the morning, please remember us. We are hopeful.

Adam still hasn't had any side effects from the treatment. He is so fortunate. Besides having a sugar rush from constantly sucking on lemonheads, {and now from cookies and icecream} he is good to go. Today was a doozie for me, however. I call the doctor today to ask - "just how are we going to do this tomorrow? Since Adam can't be near people, but we have to come to the hospital?" And as this conversation progressed, I was made aware that we had received a set of instructions in the mail prior to the treatment on Friday that my sweet, stressed husband forgot to read. Oops. Guess as the sidekick I should have read them. So we realize that I have to go pick up a prescription at Wal-Mart that he has to start taking in the morning. So I run to the pharmacy to quickly pick this up. No problem, right?

So there I am, an hour and a half later, standing at the pharmacy window as the ladies behind the counter figure out why Adam's insurance doesn't have March 3, 1981 as his birthday, was I 'wrong about that???', {come on ladies, I think I know my husbands birthday} and if they have enough of the medicine to fill my prescription. After the wait, and I get the medicine, they proceed to tell me that they only have 6 out of the 60 pills that we need. And I will have to come back tomorrow for the rest. By this time I'm all frazzled and belligerent, and I get everything I'm purchasing and head to my car. The car by which I decide to slam my thumb into as I'm shutting the trunk. Seriously. Just give me some of the radioactive stuff. I need people to stay away from me for their own safety.

Oh and a breakthrough today! We discovered that if I sit on the side closest to the door in our living room, and Adam sits up against the fireplace, we can be in the same room at the same time.
Yesterday he said the cutest thing.
"Baby, when I get all better, I'm gonna hold you and kiss you for 3 days straight."

No, I'm not testing your gag reflexes.
He said it. And it was adorable.
And it sounds like paradise to me...

Eat your heart out Adam and Eve.

3 days down. 4 to go.

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  1. that last bit made me smile! =] Praying for you guys!! have a blessed thanksgiving!

  2. Good for you guys. You are so good to each othe, but it doesn't make me gag at all. :) We're very similar.

    I've had the same type of experience at wal-mart and I don't go there for prescriptions anymore. They only filled half of my antibiotic prescription, but didn't bother to tell me. Antibiotics don't work if you only take half the prescription.... I don't trust them. I hate that you had the same experience!!

  3. I think about that too, what it must have been like to live in a place without pain.. but then how could we truly appreciate all we have if we never experience anything bad? It's such a weird, complex kinda thing :)

    And that birthday thing happened to me not long ago! Apparently there was something wrong with my birthday, and it took forever to get my prescription. Actually that happened 2 or 3 times in the past month :)

    Praying for you guys!

  4. Just found your blog. You seem so strong, my taughts are with you. :)


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