so all of my friends are Prego.

Apparently, my biological clock has stopped ticking got smashed by a hammer. I just can't get over how many friends I have that are currently expecting a baby!
I have 23 friends, no you read it right ...
23 !!
who are pregnant as we speak.
[talk about trying to peer pressure someone into the fever!]
Not to mention the 14 friends that recently had babies in the past year.


"Go and populate the Earth", he said, and boy are we.

Adam and I are sitting back enjoying watching everyone give birth, (not literally, he might faint or something), having babies to play with, and expanding their family.

As for us, we have to wait at least a year after this treatment to start trying to have a child. Add that to the 3-6 months that it might take us to get pregnant, (if not more), and the 9 months that it will take to carry the baby. So, hypothetically, we are looking at AT LEAST 2 years and 3 months before we have a little one of our own. [this is if Adam is DONE with treatment].

Put it on paper, and it sounds like a long way away. But tell that to me when I just woke up from a peaceful 10 hour night of sleep and it won't phase me. [I ♥ my sleep.] Really, the thought of not having our first born until I am 30 was not ever something that I had written in my life plans. But the more that I think about it, the more Ok I am with it.

Here are my top 5 Reasons why
[I am SO incredibly happy for all of my friends having adorable babies and...]
Children Can Definitely Wait:

5. Our bathroom will still be decorated for grown ups. (No rubber duckies!)

4. Are you kidding!? I'm not even NEAR close to having names picked out yet.

3. We could use more time to save $. Who couldn't??

2. One word. SLEEP.

and the #1 reason is ... OF COURSE,

1. More time alone to bond with my favorite side kick and travel the world. :)
Congrats to all of my Prego friends!
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  1. Yeah, I hear ya on that! I am 29 and am behind you in the sense that I have not met my best friend/sidekick to send the rest of my life with. However, I see nothing wrong with having a baby at 30 or even older. I feel that I will be a better mom if I wait and don't rush. God has a time for us all and I used to get so consumed with man's timeclock, but not anymore. So, I like your plan. Plus, once they get here you can't give them back. lol. So it is best to be ready!!! :o)

    Also, I think that you and your husband are a beautiful couple!! I love this blog! So wonderful!!!! I am looking forward to reading more! I will keep you guys in my prayers! :o)

  2. Take it from a man who has a couple in his own flock... waiting is a wise move, even if it really wasn't up to you.

  3. i'm not pregnant. Hope you still consider me one or your friends.

  4. I am so with you! I know so many people who are expecting and every now and then I get a case of baby fever BAD! But then I'll baby sit or teach the cradle roll clas who are ALL teething and I'm cured. I definitely want that one day, I do have names picked out, but I'm happy to wait for now. I love Stephen&Larissa times together too much to think about sharing right now!

  5. This is basically how I feel. I'm only twenty and almost allll of my friends from high school are currently pregnant or have had a baby! It blows my mind. I think I want a little more time to myself before I bring a child into the world. I'm just too young.

  6. Whoa....that's A LOT of baby shower gifts to get!!

  7. I feel the same way. Everyone I graduated high school with is already married, or at least that is how it seems. They have also been married for two years or so. Plus, they are having babies and we are all 23! I feel so behind. Not as much now that I had a serious boyfriend. It just seems everyone is growing up so fast.

  8. WOW That is a lot of pregnant ladies, and me that though I had my hands full with my cousin expecting triplets.

  9. I'm glad I read this post. I struggle with patience about this issue, but you have caused me to look at the positive side of things :-) I'm glad for this time alone with just me and my husband :-)


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