20 Things I Want To Teach My Son

I came across an article a couple of days ago called "15 Things Moms Should Teach Their Sons". Curious and definitely needing some guidance, I decided to click on the link and see what these 15 things were. Some of them were good, I will admit, but some of them were incredibly disheartening. There were a lot about safe sex and finding the "perfect job".
So I decided to make my own list of lessons. Not one that everyone else should follow, because I am definitely FAR from all of the answers. I'm new at this Mommy thing and I will most assuredly learn as I go. But this list is for me. These are the things I want to teach MY son, because I don't want my son to be just a "good man". I want him to be a Man of God.

20 Things I Want to Teach my Son:

1. People that try constantly to find happiness for themselves very seldom do. The people that truly make their goal in life to make others happy, often open the door to unexpectedly find happiness sitting on their own doorsteps.

2. You might be a business man, an athlete, or even a doctor. But the most IMPORTANT thing you will ever be, is the spiritual leader of your home.

3. You don't "become a man" based on the size of your muscles, the size of your truck, or how old you are when you get your first kiss. You become a man based on your character, your integrity, and your priorities.

4. The world is lying when they say that men cannot be sensitive AND strong. Compassionate AND brave. The bravest man to ever walk this earth, wept.

5. Make good on your word. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT. Don't let others down, you wouldn't want them to do that to you.

6. The best friends are going to be the ones that respect you when you say NO to something. Not the ones that make fun of you and try to pressure you.

7. Take the time to do charity work. It's good for the soul.

8. Be wise with your money. But don't live for material things. Everything we "own" is borrowed.

9. If a girl doesn't respect herself, she isn't going to respect you. If she constantly needs the wrong kind of attention, her issues run far deeper than the surface, and that is a tangled web. And if she doesn't hold you to your highest potential and help you be a better Christian, she is not the girl for you.

10. Never make a big decision without praying about it first.

11. Nothing, ... not movies, music, hobbies, NOTHING should take the place of studying God's Word.

12. If you want something bad enough, don't give up until you get it. I know, this one is cliche`, but if you have regrets, I want it to be because it was out of your control. Not because you gave up. That's an ache that will never go away.

13. You don't have to "sow your wild oats" like everyone will tell you. The road less traveled usually brings the greatest rewards.

14. Enjoy every day and be content with what you have. The grass isn't greener on the other side, and if appears that way it is probably because you've been too busy looking over the fence and haven't taken the time to take care of your own yard.

15. Whenever you see someone less fortunate than you, whether it be a homeless person or a disabled person, always say to yourself - "But by the grace of God, there goes I." My mother taught this to us and it has always helped me remember that I shouldn't complain because I could always have it much worse.

16. Try to stay healthy. Eat fruits and veggies and stay active. You don't want your body to break down on you long before you are ready.

17. You don't have to "live BIG" to have a good life. You don't have to have all of the finest things, travel to the most beautiful places, or attend the most elaborate parties. Sometimes the families who have it the best, are the ones who live humbly, give to those in need, sit around the dinner table, and kneel at night by their children's beds listening to them pray.

18. God made sex to be an enjoyable, beautiful, and SPIRITUAL experience. That is why you save it for your wife.

19. Don't let evil influences into your home. Even if you think they won't phase you. "For as he thinks in his heart, so he is." - Proverbs 23:7

20. One day, you will be coming up on 30, and wonder what you were doing for all of those years. Have an answer that makes you proud.

So that's my list.

What would you add?

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  1. Oh man. You made a great list! I may just have to start working on my own so I can always have it to keep me in check when raising my 2. Thanks for sharing!


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