Monday (M)orning Music Review

There isn't a single thing I don't love about this new EP by Sleeping at Last. 

It's called Atlas: Light. Though I also enjoyed Atlas: Darkness, this one is leaps and bounds above the other. Every song of this album has the perfect balance of beautiful melody and captivating lyrics.


My favorite is about the birth of a child. I can't help but think of my son when I listen to this song.

"May these words be the first to find your ears
The world is brighter than the sun now that you're here
Though your eyes will need some time to adjust
to the overwhelming light surrounding us...

'Cause you are loved
You are loved more than you know
I hereby pledge all of my days 
To prove it so
Though your heart is far to young to realize
The unimaginable light you hold inside."


This one has a great folk sound, with a light violin playing in
 the background, but a fast beat. It's a story about passing down characteristics to our children.

"You pressed rewind
for the thousandth time
when the tapes were through.
so you memorized
those unscripted lines
when the scale tipped
when you inherited
a fight that you were born to lose.
It's not your fault, I put this heavy heart in you"

In The Embers

This song is probably the prettiest music, next to "Light".
It begins with just piano and vocal. The lyrics are remarkable.

"May our stories catch fire
and burn bright enough 
to catch God's eye.

May we live and die
a valorous life
may we write it all down
in cursive light."

If you haven't heard any of Sleeping At Last's other stuff, I highly recommend
checking them out on Itunes. They have an entire series called Yearbook
that is phenomenal. The sound they have is between a Keane & Deas Veil.

This week, I'm going to listen to Sara Bareilles' The Blessed Unrest , so that review will be coming up next week!

 If you get a chance to listen to Atlas: Light, let me know what you think!

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