Monday (M)orning Music Review


Sleeperstar : Just Another Ghost.

Not only is the music amazing, but the lead singer has one nice set of pipes on him.

I have so many favorites on this album that it is hard to decide what order I would rank them in. But I will try. Here are my top five.
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1. Everything Must Find Its Place

This is an incredibly beautiful song. From the piano in the opening, to the very end where they play their hearts out as he yells "Let it be my fault." ahh... awesome.
Favorite Line: "All of this is wrong. All of this I now regret. The lonely never sleep. She's always in my head."

2. The Journey
"And I don't count the distance, 'cause the thought of you will carry me there."
3. Texas Rain

"What is this that makes us feel alone?"
4. I was Wrong
It is kinda hypnotizing when you get to the chorus.
"And I saw what it was ...that I had done."

5. Can't Escape Your Eyes

and .....
SafetySuit : Life Left To Go
Such an amazing album. The more I listen to it, the more I love it.
To listen to these songs, click HERE in a new tab.
1. Life Left To Go
The bridge of this song gives me serious chills.
Favorite Line: "And the pages you write in your journal each night are your only release, and the mask you put on, it's like words in a song, but there's more to be seen....and a fear comes alive like you'll never be free, but there's no pain you feel that I know love can't heal here at all."
2. Anywhere But Here

Absolutely Gorgeous.

"Cause you are ... beautiful inside, so lovely and I can't see why I do anything without you ... and I'd rather be anywhere but here without you."
3. Annie

"Annie, you are the one sight my eyes never tire of, it's like I cannot get enough of you...Annie, you are the one song left in my symphony, like you were made for me."

4. ApologyThis one is just kind of fun.

5. Gone Away

"I think about love, and oh what a beautiful song. And oh how it needs to be sung here. Sing it so loud all the world can hear."
To sum it up... two Brilliant Bands that you really need to listen to.

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